Welcome to the Bilko Index calculator website!   Here, you can learn what the toxic ingredients of the pesticides and cleansers you use in your home are.   You can also learn what factors influence the potential for these chemicals to cause harm.   You will be able to find your home's Bilko Index, which is a measure of the chronic toxicity of the pesticides and cleansers you use.   You will also be able to see how your home's Bilko Index would change if you used different products than the ones you use now.

The heart of this web site is the page that calculates your home's Bilko Index.   This page consists of a product usage survey you will need to fill out in order to find out what your home's Bilko Index is.   Be warned that this is a large page - it contains a lot of data on products and their ingredients.  

Learn how to use the calculator portion of this web-site by reading Using the Product Usage Survey to Find Your Home's Bilko Index.   You may want to find out what your home's Bilko Index means.   Or, if you're ready, go directly to the Product Usage Survey.

You can go here to find How the Bilko Index Is Calculated.   This page explains how the information you provide in the Product Usage Survey is combined with information on the concentration of specific ingredients in the products you use and their chronic toxicity values to calculate your home's Bilko Index.   An explanantion of calculations for assessing potential acute toxicity effects is given here.

Nitty Gritty Details:

A list of products included in the Product Usage Survey, along with the concentration of ingredients they contain.

A list of all the ingredients in the calculator and their acute toxicity values.

The chronic toxicity values used to calculate the Bilko Index.